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Oral Issues are on a rise, especially in Eastern India; Read how you can Curb it!

India, is now stuck with another major health issue which is always ignored the most or is taken lightly by the people. According to the research, Oral Health issues affect a majority of children in all regions of India. The highest prevalence is recorded in eastern India(Kolkata – 92%), with 89 percent reporting some manner of oral health issue. Eastern India, especially Kolkata is known for sweets and people tend to binge on those sugar coated sweets on a daily basis. That is the reason why, Eastern India is affected the most. Poor oral health is one of the most neglected issues when it comes to public health. A recent national study by KANTAR IMRB for Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited reveals that most children in India do not follow essential oral care practices such as brushing twice daily and regular dental check-up. More than 70% of children surveyed do not brush their teeth twice a day and more than 60% of them have not been taken to a dentist in the past one year.  Expressing concern about the insights brought up by the survey, Dr. V Gopikrishna, President, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD) stated, This study highlights the state of Oral Health in the country, calling out for an immediate need to increase awareness. As per WHO, Oral health is a state of being free from chronic mouth and facial pain, oral and throat cancer, oral sores, birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders that affect the oral cavity. A healthy smile is all about prevention. There are some few easy ways to prevent oral health problems.  1. Brush your Teeth – Brushing your teeth twice a day prevents oral health problems and also use a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste that contains fluoride, as stated by American Dental Association (ADA). 2. Don’t forget to Floss! – Flossing once a day is the ADA’s  recommendation because there are places in between your teeth and around the gum line that the best brush and technique just can’t reach. So to remove food that gets stuck there after a meal, and to prevent plaque and tartar build-up, you really need to make flossing a part of your daily routine.    3. Take Advantage of Preventive Dental Care – Prevention may start with you, but it certainly doesn’t end with you! People should at least visit Dental clinics twice a year for regular dental cleanings and Exams.  

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