Durga Puja, the season of home-calling for Many.

Hurry Up! Finish of the work fast I need to shop for my family and catch a train tonight, I don’t wanna miss it. It’s already Panchami. By now you must have understood what I am trying to say. Didn’t understand still? It’s Pujo and people who work day and night away from their houses are coming just to celebrate Durga Puja with their families in Kolkata. It might be a normal thing for those who stay here but its not a thing for those who return home during Puja’s , it’s a feeling for them which can’t be felt by anyone else but them only.

For them, Durga Puja isn’t just a festival that has to be experienced by going to the pandals and looking at the idols. It is something that is much bigger, something that surrounds them all the time. One fine day you get up in the morning and feel the sunlight streaming through the window smells of Puja. In fact the tiny green insects with black rear ends jumping under the light make you feel that Puja is here. The presence of Maa Durga can be felt on Earth.One of the most eagerly awaited things about Durga Puja is the sound of dhaak. A dhaak is a large drum that is hung on the player’s body and played in a particular rhythm during the Puja. Again, it’s not just anothermusical instrument. It creates magic in the air. The atmosphere created during arati is truly electric, with the incense fumes and dhaak sound shutting out everything else from the mind.

The whole year people wait and work seamlessly hard just to celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm with their families. They start counting days way before Puja arrives. This is one such festival that brings happiness to everyone and also brings families together.

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