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To-do -list for those observing ‘Karwa Chauth’ for the first time!

‘Karwa Chauth’!, I am sure you all must have heard about it. For all those who are observing the fast for the first time, let’s take you through a glimpse of this festival. This day is celebrated to wish for a long and healthy life for their husbands. ‘Karwa Chauth’ is one of the festival that women wait all year round for! A day marked by celebrations, fasting and feasting. Women (also men) go through the day without consuming a drop of water or morsel of food, only breaking it when the moon is sighted.  While the enthusiasm levels are unmatched, women make great preparations to mark this day a memorable one. The most important part of this festival is following the rituals- which involves customary ‘Sargi’ and breaking of the fast.   If your observing a Karwa Chauth(even for men) for the first time, here are a few tips to keep the fast in a more healthy way which do not stress you out!
  •  The ‘Sargi, which a mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law is not just customary but it also contains food that you eat in the morning, before sunrise. Since you are not only allowed to eat once, so as to avoid headaches, dizziness, it is important to eat right.
  • Try to include foods rich in protein and complex carbs in the morning time. These take a little longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer, taking care of your hunger pangs as well.
  •  While prashad often includes sweets and fried items like matthi, do not go overboard with your indulgences. These can make you feel bloated. Try and eat a variety of nuts, pulses and yoghurt instead.
  •  Drink as much water as you can, before the fast begins. Dehydration can increase the risk of developing headaches and fatigue, which can drain and exhaust you. Fruit juices are also a helpful addition.
  •  Women observing Karwa Chauth should also not use scissors, needles or knife in the food preparations either. Avoid seasoning your food too much.
  • To avoid chances of developing acidity, drinking coffee and tea should be avoided.
  •  Since the day requires you to observe a fast for a long duration, women are generally advised to not indulge in strenuous activities. Try to distract yourself or keep yourself busy with activities in the daytime.
  • After breaking the fast and finishing the Pooja, do not try to gulp down the food at once. A good tip would be to have a glass of water first and slowly eat your food.
  •  Most importantly, the day celebrates women and hence, comfort is key. Do not exert our body and enjoy the day!

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