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Not just in UP and Bihar, people from other states are also celebrating Chhath Puja | Read all you need to know about this festival

The festive month which started with Durga Puja is about to end with a great yet exciting festival , Chhath Puja, for which not only the people of bihar but other communities also wait to celebrate. Chhath Puja is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in India and the neighboring country, Nepal. The four-day festival is dedicated to the Sun God, one of the main forces that nurture life on Earth. Also, its the only Vedic Festival dedicated to Sun God.

Do you know why this festival is only dedicated to Sun God? Well, here is the answer! As per the Hindu religion, Sun is believed to be the healer of severe health issues and ensure longevity, well-being, prosperity, and progress. People paint there houses all over again. It is the most eco-friendly festival among all Hindu festivals. Offerings in the festival include Thekua, Laddu, Kheer, fruits in bamboo minnows. The prasad is purely vegetarian without salt, onion and garlic. Usually, women are the main worshippers of Chhath. However, a large number of men also take part in the festival as it is not gender-specific.

They pray for the well being of their family and loved ones. It is a compulsory duty among devotees to perform Chhath puja every year and pass it to the next generations. Once the person stops performing it, the festival stops permanently in the family. People of other communities also celebrate this festival with same zeal and enthusiasm. It is said that if you go and offer  your prayers to the Sun God by taking a dip in the river and offering Arghya, whatever you wish for will be granted.

Important Dates:

  1. Nahay Khay(October 31) – The first day is called as Nhay Khay. On this day, devotees and their family members take bath and eat daal, rice and bottle gourd (lauki), pumpkin before they begin their fast.
  2. Kharna( November 1) – The second day of the festival is called Kharna. On this day, devotees observe a fast for the entire day, which ends in the evening after sunset. After sunset, they are allowed to eat only gur ki kheer and roti. Post this, for the next 36 hours, the devotees go on a fast without water.
  3. Surya Shashthi(November 2) – The third is for evening prayers. While the day is spent preparing the offerings, in evening devotees along with the entire family go to the riverbank. The devotees stands in water to offer aragh to the setting sun.


4.Parna(November 3) – The fourth is about Suryodaya Argh. On this day, devotees offers early morning prayers and stands in water to offer aragn to the rising sun.

This traditional festival showers upon you positivity and helps in detoxifying your mind, soul and body. It helps remove all the negative energies in your body by adoring the powerful sun.

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