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'Can't expect any better': Kangana Ranaut criticizes Congress for 'Mandi's daughters' comment

  • Kangana Ranaut criticizes Congress over controversial remarks regarding Mandi's women during election campaign
  • Kangana emphasizes her identity as "Mandi ki beti" and nationalist sentiments in her electoral strategy
  • BJP candidate condemns Congress' conduct and alleges "sinister politics" against her nomination

29 Mar 2024

In the midst of her electoral campaign for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat in Himachal Pradesh, BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut lashed out at the Congress party for a controversial remark made by its spokesperson regarding the women of Mandi. Referring to an Instagram post by Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate, Kangana condemned the comment, stating, "Can't expect anything better from Congress." The remark, asking about the "rate in Mandi," sparked widespread outrage, with Kangana asserting that such derogatory language reflects poorly on the Congress party's conduct.

Amidst the political heat surrounding the Mandi constituency, Kangana Ranaut's campaign strategy has emphasized her identity as "Mandi ki beti" and a champion of nationalism. Her approach seeks to resonate with voters by blending local sentiment with broader patriotic appeals. Additionally, Kangana criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Hinduism, alleging an insult to Hindus, and accused Congress of engaging in "sinister politics" against her nomination, affirming Mandi's significance as a sacred land.


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