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'I can pull their tongue...': Mamata rebukes BJP on 'chor' remark

  • Mamata Banerjee fiercely responds to recent "chor" slogans against her
  • Says, 'BJP people on seeing my car shout - theif theif'
  • Angered she says, "I can pull their tongue but I won't do that, I'm not Modi or Shah'

16 Apr 2024

In a fiery retort against recent allegations, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the BJP during a meeting in Jalpaiguri's Mainaguri on Tuesday. The Chief Minister addressed the recent incident where slogans were raised against her in Duars, stating, "They see my car and call me a thief. I don't even drink a cup of tea with someone's father's money."

During the gathering at Mainaguri, Mamata Banerjee took aim at the BJP on various fronts. She expressed her outrage over the thirteen slogans raised against her car in Duars just three days prior.

"A few days ago when I was going to Chalsa, some people of BJP upon seeing my car, shouted thief, thief. I didn't even have a cup of tea on someone's father's money. If I wanted, I could get a salary and pension of lakhs of rupees. But I do not take it because I don't need to. I need the people. How dare they call me a thief!" she exclaimed.

Further addressing the situation, Mamata Banerjee stated, "I could pull their tongues. But I did not say anything. I am not Narendra Modi or Amit Shah."


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