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'It's not easy...': Sonakshi Sinha opens up about pay disparity in Bollywood

  • Sonakshi Sinha opens up about her ongoing struggle for fair compensation in Bollywood
  • Says, "It's not easy, and it doesn't feel right sometimes"
  • Calls fight for remuneration as just one of fights women usually battle

15 May 2024

Prominent Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, known for her versatility on screen, recently expressed her ongoing battle for what she believes is fair compensation in the industry. Despite enjoying a successful phase in her career and receiving acclaim for her role as Fareedan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar," Sinha voiced her struggle for deserving remuneration.   

In an interview, the Heeramandi actress talked about the pay disparity and how she struggles to confront it, she said, “It's not easy, and it doesn't feel right sometimes. When filmmakers approach you, they know you bring something to the table. But when it comes to the money conversation, everybody wants an actress, particularly to reduce her fee.”

She further added, "We're fighting too many battles anyway. So, this fight for remuneration is just one of them".

The actress, who made her mark with her debut opposite Salman Khan in "Dabangg," continues to impress audiences with her performances in various films including 'R Rajkumar,' 'Kalank', 'Akira', 'Lootera', and others.


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