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'Not in Jharkhandi's DNA to bow down': Kalpana Soren after Sita Soren joins BJP

  • Kalpana Soren asserts the resilience of Jharkhandi people amid Sita Soren's switch to BJP
  • Sita Soren criticizes JMM for not acknowledging her contributions during her 14-year tenure
  • Hemant Soren's accidental entry into politics and the legacy he carries forward are highlighted by Kalpana

20 Mar 2024

Former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren's wife, Kalpana, responded to Sita Soren's shift from JMM to BJP, emphasizing the resilience of Jharkhandi people. Kalpana cited her husband's incarceration, highlighting the steadfastness ingrained in the tribal community.

Expressing her stance, Kalpana remarked, "For Hemant ji, late Durga da (Sita Soren's husband) was not only an elder brother but also a father-like guardian ... And it is not in a Jharkhandi's DNA to bow down." She further underlined the historical struggles against external forces and the tribe's inherent resistance against compromising their principles.

In another light, Sita Soren, upon joining BJP, lamented the lack of recognition from JMM despite her years of service. She stated, "I served the party for 14 years, but to date, I have not received the respect that I should have received...we have remained untouched till date, we have not received any respect from any kind of party."


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