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'When I got to the booth, they told me I was listed dead' says Siliguri voter

  • Govind Rai, intending to cast his vote, found himself unable to do so as officials identified him as deceased according to official records
  • Being declared dead while actively participating in the electoral process, sparked concerns about the accuracy of voter rolls
  • Local ward councilor Bimal Tafdar criticized the administration for what he deemed as "gross negligence"

19 Apr 2024

At Valmiki Vidyapeeth School in Siliguri's Ward No. 34, where Govind Rai, from Bhaktinagar, went to vote but found out he was listed as dead. Even though he was physically there at booth number 236 with his voter card, officials said his name wasn't on the voting list. This raises doubts about how well the voting system works and if it's keeping accurate records.

Govind Rai's story has left people puzzled and worried about how well the voting system is run. He couldn't believe it when he found out. "I was there in the morning, standing in line to vote. But when I got to the booth, they told me I was dead," he said. This shows that officials need to do better at making sure the voting lists are right.

Local councilor Bimal Tafdar was upset about what happened, saying it was a big mistake by the officials. He blamed the Booth Level Officers for not doing their job properly. This incident reminds us why it's important for the voting system to be fair and accurate so that everyone can exercise their right to vote.


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