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3 bank employees lose lives in collision caused by monkey in UP

  • Three individuals, including Axis Bank employees, perish in collision on UP highway
  • Accident attributed to sudden appearance of monkey on roadway, resulting in head-on collision with tanker
  • Prompt police response and investigation launched to determine cause of the tragic incident

13 May 2024

A fatal collision on the Moradabad-Aligarh National Highway in Uttar Pradesh claimed the lives of three individuals, including two Axis Bank employees, on Monday. The tragic incident occurred in the Domghar area of Moradabad when a speeding tanker collided head-on with the car carrying the victims. The deceased were identified as Axis Bank manager Saurabh Srivastava, cashier Divyanshu, and another individual named Amit.

The harrowing accident, reportedly caused by a monkey suddenly appearing on the roadway, resulted in immediate fatalities for two of the victims, while the third succumbed to injuries during hospital treatment. Prompt response from bystanders and the police followed the collision, with authorities initiating an investigation to ascertain the precise cause of the tragic collision.


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