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Youth thrown into holika ashes; UP police response criticized | Watch Video

  • A viral CCTV footage captures a group of 5-6 individuals throwing a youth into the ashes of Holika during Holi celebrations in Greater Noida
  • The victim suffered burns on his feet, prompting criticism of the UP Police's response, which claimed the incident was merely an accidental fall
  • Netizens expressed outrage over the police's handling of the situation, questioning the lack of action despite the clear evidence in the video

26 Mar 2024

A disturbing video circulating on social media depicts a group of revelers engaging in a dangerous act during Holi celebrations in Greater Noida. In the viral footage, the group can be seen joyfully participating in the festivities before suddenly hoisting a youth, presumably one of their friends, and carrying him towards the remnants of the Holika bonfire. Without hesitation, they drop the youth onto the ashes, causing him to suffer burns on his feet. Despite the evident distress of the victim, the group disperses, leaving him to seek assistance from bystanders.

As the video gained traction online, the response from the Uttar Pradesh Police drew sharp criticism. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Central Noida, in a perplexing statement, dismissed the incident as a mere accident, claiming that the victim had fallen while playing with friends and that no formal complaint had been filed. This assertion contradicted the clear evidence presented in the viral video, prompting widespread condemnation from netizens who questioned the lack of action and accountability in such cases.


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