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14-year journey ends: Boy reunited with family through social media post

  • Boy from Bihar reunites with biological parents after 14 years, thanks to a social media post
  • Raised by foster family in South Barasat, South 24 Parganas, he recognizes them as his parents
  • Expresses desire to maintain relationships with both families and visit both places regularly

15 May 2024

A boy from Bihar embarked on a journey 14 years ago after a scolding from his mother, eventually finding himself in Kolkata. Boarding the Lakshikantapur local in Sealdah South branch, he encountered a vegetable hawker on the train, overcome with emotion, he hugged the hawker, unable to express himself verbally. Touched by the boy's tears, a person from Harinarayanpur of South Barasat, South 24 Parganas, brought him home. Over time, the family enrolled him in school, nurtured his education, and he grew up under their care, recognizing them as his parents. However, a social media post of his photo led to the discovery of his true identity by his biological parents in Bihar, leading to an emotional reunion after years of separation.

The boy's reunion with his biological parents after 14 years underscores the power of social media and the complexities of family ties. Despite returning to his biological parents, the boy expresses his desire to maintain a relationship with both families, highlighting the emotional bond formed during his upbringing in South Barasat.


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