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Amit Shah's darjeeling rally called off due to bad weather

  • Amit Shah's rally in Darjeeling cancelled due to bad weather ahead of Lok Sabha phase 2 voting
  • Darjeeling Lok Sabha candidate Raju Bisht relays Shah's message to public using phone amid cancellation
  • Shah's helicopter unable to fly from Bagdogra to Darjeeling, prompting cancellation of scheduled address

21 Apr 2024

With the second phase of Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April 26, political parties are intensifying their campaigning efforts. However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah's planned public meeting in Darjeeling faced an unexpected setback as bad weather prevented his attendance. Despite his absence, Darjeeling Lok Sabha candidate Raju Bisht conveyed Shah's message to the public, using his phone to relay the address from the stage.

Amit Shah, who arrived in the state on Saturday, had planned to address the gathering at Gorkha Maidan in Darjeeling on Sunday morning. However, adverse weather conditions in Bagdogra led to Shah being unable to reach Darjeeling via helicopter as scheduled. Expressing disappointment over the cancellation, candidate Raju Bisht remained optimistic about garnering support for the BJP in Darjeeling despite the setback.


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