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Arijit Singh's holi celebration with kids goes viral | Watch Video

  • Arijit Singh, known for his humility, celebrated Holi with children in Murshidabad, West Bengal, in a heartwarming video.
  •  Riding a scooter and wearing traditional attire, he joyfully interacted with kids, earning praise for his genuine connection with fans.
  • Fans lauded Singh's simplicity, noting his refusal for a selfie, highlighting his down-to-earth nature.

27 Mar 2024

Bollywood playback sensation Arijit Singh continues to captivate his fans with his endearing gestures. Renowned for his humility, Arijit recently delighted his admirers as a video surfaced on social media showcasing him celebrating Holi with children in Murshidabad, West Bengal.

In the heartwarming footage, Arijit is attired in a traditional white kurta pyjama, his face adorned with vibrant Holi colors as he joyfully rides a scooty. The singer graciously interacts with the children, allowing them to apply colors on his face.

Despite their request for a selfie, Arijit politely declines and extends his warm wishes for a happy Holi. The video quickly went viral, earning admiration for the singer's down-to-earth demeanor and his affectionate connection with his young fans.

Following the emergence of the video, internet users showered praise on Arijit Singh for his simplicity and humility. "Arijit sir knows he's a legendary singer, yet he doesn't keep a single bodyguard with him. He earns hearts, not enemies, and he knows it," remarked a user in a comment on Instagram.


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