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BJP files complaint to EC against RJD's Rohini Acharya over controversial remarks

  • Bihar BJP files Election Commission complaint against RJD's Rohini Acharya
  • BJP demands action against Rohini Acharya, for passing a controversial statement against deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary
  • Acharya commented on Chaudhary's family lines questioning whereabouts of his parents and family 

23 Apr 2024

The Bihar BJP has taken action, lodging a formal complaint with the Election Commission against Rohini Acharya, the RJD candidate from Saran constituency. The complaint addresses Acharya's contentious statements concerning the family of Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary, seeking appropriate action in response to her remarks.

Rohini Acharya's remarks about Bihar's Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary stirred controversy, as she questioned his parentage and made disparaging comments about his family. 

Responding to Chaudhary's earlier attacks on her family lines, Rohini said "We don't know about Samrat Chaudhary's parents, we don't know whose son he is, whether he has children or not ?"

Samrat Chaudhary has targeted Lalu Yadav's family many times. When Rohini Acharya was asked about this, she said, "let him speak. He will abuse our family only. If he had worked, he would have counted his work. He has not done any work. In such a situation, he will abuse our family only. He has no other work, he only has to surround the family and abuse the family."

Samrat Chaudhary had attacked Lalu Yadav's family multiple times, targeting Rohini Acharya, Chaudhary said "a daughter comes from Singapore to contest elections."  


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