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Cancer patient votes on stretcher in Bihar, defying illness in civic duty

  • Cancer patient Shubhadra Devi, battling illness, votes on stretcher in Bihar's Darbhanga
  • Visuals show voters making way as Devi proceeds to voting room, accompanied by her son
  • Despite severe illness, Devi's determination highlights the importance of civic duty in electoral process

13 May 2024

In a poignant display of resilience and civic duty, Shubhadra Devi, a cancer patient from Bihar's Darbhanga, defied her ailing health to cast her vote during the ongoing elections. Despite battling cancer and surviving solely on water for four days, Devi was determined to fulfill her democratic responsibility. Her son, Vijay Kumar Mishra, accompanied her on a stretcher to the local school serving as a polling booth, where fellow voters made way for their solemn procession.

Visuals from the polling booth capture the solemn yet stirring moment as Devi, on a stretcher, navigates through the queue of voters towards the voting room. Despite her frail condition, Devi's resolve to participate in the electoral process remained unwavering. Speaking about his mother's determination, Mishra remarked, "My mother voted today while fulfilling her civic duty in the last moments of her life. She has been very ill for a long time and has been taking only a few drops of water for the last four days. When asked, she expressed her desire to vote."


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