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DD News changes logo color from blue to saffron, opposition says political move

  • Doordarshan introduces a new orange logo, replacing its traditional orange emblem, drawing criticism from various quarters
  • Critics raise concerns over the timing of the change, suggesting political motives, especially with elections on the horizon
  • Former Doordarshan chief Jawhar Sircar condemns the move, deeming it as the "saffronization" of the broadcaster's identity

20 Apr 2024

Doordarshan, the state-owned public broadcaster, has unveiled a new logo in a distinct orange hue, replacing its traditional blue emblem. The decision has sparked criticism, particularly from the opposition circles, with concerns raised over the timing of the change, just ahead of elections.

DD News unveiled the revamped logo in a promotional video shared on social media platform X. Accompanying the release was a caption inviting audiences to embark on a "news journey like never before," signaling a shift in the broadcaster's visual identity.

However, the move drew swift backlash online, with many users expressing dismay over the color choice, likening it to saffron, a color associated with certain RSS-BJPpolitical ideologies. The timing of the logo change, just before the elections, further fueled suspicions and criticisms.

Trinamool MP Jawhar Sircar, former head of Doordarshan's parent organization, joined the chorus of disapproval, labeling the logo change as "inappropriate" and expressing concerns about the "saffronization" of Doordarshan's branding. In an online post, Sircar lamented the perceived shift in the broadcaster's ethos, remarking that it no longer symbolizes Prasar Bharati but rather "Prachar Bharati."


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