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Dankuni residents protest poor drainage amid severe flooding

  • Flooding in Dankuni Municipality wards due to poor drainage
  • Repeated complaints to municipality yield no improvement
  • Residents forced to relocate or stay indoors due to health risks

29 May 2024
Dankuni residents protest poor drainage amid severe flooding

Residents of Dankuni Municipality are facing severe flooding in various wards due to the impact of Remal. Citizens have lodged complaints against the municipality, citing a poor drainage system as the cause of water accumulation in wards 9, 13, 14, 15, and 20 every monsoon. Despite repeated notifications to the authorities, no improvements have been made, and the upcoming monsoon season is causing anxiety among the locals.

The flooding has forced many residents to move to higher floors, and some have even relocated to other areas. The stagnant water has led to a rise in skin diseases, and people are unable to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. The ineffective drainage system and lack of municipal response have exacerbated the situation, leaving residents frustrated and fearful of the approaching monsoon.

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