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EC removes DC South West, implements 100% webcasting in all WB booths

  • NGO urges Election Commission for Saraswati Bhandar Yojana amid political indecency
  • Election Commission removes DC South West Somo Roy over electoral process involvement
  • Webcasting at 100% booths introduced with AI technology for transparency

02 Apr 2024

The Election Commission has taken decisive steps amidst growing concerns over inappropriate comments by politicians during the electoral period. Following an appeal from an NGO, the commission introduced the Saraswati Bhandar Yojana, mirroring the successful Lakhi Bhandar initiative that empowered women. This move signifies an effort to foster prudence and decorum among political leaders. Furthermore, the Election Commission has relieved DC South West Somo Roy of duties, potentially affecting their involvement in the electoral process.

Amidst these developments, the Election Commission has announced the implementation of webcasting across all booths in the state, leveraging AI technology. This marks a significant step forward, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the electoral process. Notably, webcasting will cover 100% of booths, a pioneering move in the country's electoral history, with monitoring overseen directly by the Election Commission of Bengal. This initiative encompasses a total of 80,519 booths across Bengal, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in areas lacking internet access through the use of CCTV-recorded videos.


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