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ED nets ₹45.9 lakh after recovering ₹30 crore linked to Jharkhand Minister's aide

  • ED seizes ₹45.9 lakh from unregistered car in Ramgarh following ₹30 crore recovery linked to Jharkhand minister's aide
  • Ownership of the intercepted vehicle remains undisclosed, raising questions about the source and destination of the substantial cash find
  • Political tensions escalate as Prime Minister Narendra Modi references the cash seizure in campaign speeches, highlighting its significance in the current political climate

09 May 2024

In a significant development, the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) seized a substantial sum of ₹45.9 lakh in cash from an unregistered car in Ramgarh, following the recovery of ₹30 crore from the aide of Jharkhand minister Alamgir Alam. Amidst a political uproar surrounding the massive cash haul from the residence of the aide's house help, the Static Surveillance Team (SST) officials intercepted a car in Ramgarh on Wednesday, discovering currency notes amounting to ₹45,90,000 during a routine vehicle check.

An official from the Static Surveillance Team (SST) informed ANI that the seized amount has been transferred to a Sales Tax team, which subsequently briefed the Income Tax Department about the cash recovery. However, the ownership of the car remains undisclosed, leaving unanswered questions regarding the source and destination of the substantial cash find. The cash seizure adds to the already tense political atmosphere, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi referencing the incident in his recent campaign speeches, indicating its significance in the ongoing political discourse.


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