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Electricity will have to be supplied at all costs in summer, CM's order says Arup Biswas

  • Emergency meeting of Minister Arup Biswas on electricity supply in extreme heat
  • Electricity cut in summer cannot be tolerated at all said Minister Arup Biswas
  • CESC instructed to increase manpower immediately

19 Apr 2024

Minister Arup Biswas convened an emergency meeting to address concerns regarding electricity supply amidst soaring temperatures. Secretary Shantanu Basu and WBPDCL Chairman PB Salim were among the attendees, emphasizing the urgency of the matter.

During the meeting, it was decided to promptly inform customers through SMS if any instances of load shedding occur across the state. Minister Arup Biswas reiterated that power cuts during the scorching summer months are unacceptable. In response to potential line cuts, immediate deployment of mobile repairing vans and generators to restore power. It was stressed that uninterrupted electricity supply, citing the Chief Minister's directive on the matter.

CESC, one of the major electricity providers, was directed to bolster its workforce immediately to meet the heightened demand for power during the summer season. 


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