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ISIS releases footage of Moscow massacre, death toll climbs to 133

  • ISIS releases bodycam footage of the Moscow terrorist attack, claiming responsibility for the massacre that claimed over 130 lives in a suburban concert hall
  • Russian security services detain four suspects, bringing the total arrests to 11, while President Putin vows to punish all involved in the atrocity
  • Despite ISIS claiming responsibility, Russia investigates potential Ukrainian connections, amidst denials from Ukrainian officials

24 Mar 2024

In a chilling development, the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) has released bodycam footage of the harrowing Moscow concert hall massacre, marking it as the deadliest terror incident in recent Russian history. The attack, which occurred on March 23, claimed the lives of more than 130 individuals, shaking the nation to its core. Russian security services have apprehended four suspects in connection with the atrocity, bringing the total number of arrests to 11, including those believed to be directly involved in the shooting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the nation following the tragedy, vowed to pursue justice relentlessly, promising to punish not only the perpetrators but also those behind the orchestration and planning of the massacre. Despite ISIS claiming responsibility, investigations are underway into possible Ukrainian links, although Ukrainian officials vehemently deny any involvement. This grim incident underscores the ongoing threat of terrorism faced by nations worldwide, prompting heightened vigilance and security measures.


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