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Man missing after falling into river at Belur Math ghat

  • Rahul Singh, 28, falls into river at Jagannath Ghat near Belur Math
  • Incident occurs as Rahul and friend Mohammad Nizam visit Belur Math, find gate closed
  • Rescue efforts underway with divers from Bali Police and Disaster Management Group

15 May 2024

Rahul Singh, a 28-year-old resident of Behala, went missing after accidentally falling into the river at Jagannath Ghat near Belur Math. Rahul and his friend Mohammad Nizam had visited Belur Math on Wednesday afternoon, but upon finding the gate closed, they proceeded to Jagannath Ghat for a bath. While Rahul was bathing, his friend was recording a video on his mobile phone.

Tragically, Rahul slipped and fell into the deep water, prompting immediate search efforts by onlookers. Despite the arrival of divers from Bali Police and the Disaster Management Group, Rahul remains unaccounted for.


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