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Maruti van explodes after catching fire in Bulandshahr, UP

  • A parked Maruti Van explodes in Bulandshahr after catching fire, with the harrowing incident captured on camera
  • Rising temperatures in the summer season contribute to an uptick in parked vehicle fires, prompting safety concerns
  • Authorities stress the need for vigilance and safety precautions when parking cars in hot weather to prevent fire hazards

09 May 2024

A disturbing incident unfolded in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr as a parked Maruti Van suddenly caught fire, culminating in a massive explosion that was captured on camera. The video of the terrifying ordeal has circulated widely on social media platforms, highlighting the dangers associated with parked vehicles in the scorching summer heat. Fortunately, no casualties were reported as the vehicle burst into flames in Khanpur Market area, where no bystanders were present during the catastrophic event.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the risks posed by extreme temperatures to parked cars, particularly during the summer months. As temperatures soar across the country, instances of parked vehicles spontaneously catching fire have become increasingly prevalent. Experts attribute such incidents to various factors, including overheating of car components and the ignition of combustible materials due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Authorities emphasize the importance of taking precautionary measures when parking vehicles outdoors during the summer season to mitigate the risk of similar catastrophic events.


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