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Metro expansion causes decline in water transport passenger numbers

  • Passenger numbers in the water transport sector, including steamer services like Jalpath, are declining
  • The decline in passengers is attributed to the upcoming commencement of Metro services and the subsequent shift in commuter preferences
  • The Water Transport Department foresees a further decrease in passenger numbers, particularly after the expiry of monthly tickets

02 Apr 2024

With the impending commencement of Metro services, the water transport sector, particularly steamer services known as Jalpath, is witnessing a steady decline in passenger numbers. Even before the advent of Metro services, private buses experienced a decrease in passengers, and now the trend extends to Jalpath services. The Water Transport Department anticipates a further reduction in passenger numbers, particularly after the expiration of monthly tickets in the near future.

According to officials from the Water Transport Department, the declining trend in passenger numbers is expected to persist as commuters increasingly opt for alternative modes of transportation, such as the Metro. With the expiration of monthly tickets on the horizon, a significant decrease in passenger turnout is anticipated, posing challenges for the water transport sector in sustaining its operations and viability in the face of evolving commuter preferences.


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