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Neighboring house collapses amid demolition in Bowbazar's Muchipara

  • Demolition work at house number 7 in Muchipara, Bowbazar leads to collapse of neighboring house 6/1
  • Residents describe the event as earthquake-like, emphasizing the panic and chaos that ensued
  • Concerns arise regarding safety standards and oversight in urban demolition operations

02 Apr 2024

A demolition operation in Muchipara, following the trend set by Picnic Garden, turned disastrous as a portion of a neighboring house collapsed during the process. The incident unfolded in Ram Kanai Sheel Lane within the jurisdiction of the Mochipara police station. Local reports indicate that the demolition work, ongoing for six months at house number 7, led to the catastrophic event. Residents of nearby house 6/1 were startled on Tuesday morning by a loud crash, later discovering that the common wall and pillar between the two houses had been inadvertently damaged by the contractor engaged by the promoter, causing the three-story structure of 6/1 to tremble.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as akin to an earthquake, with debris strewn across the road. Residents rushed out in panic as the structural integrity of their homes was compromised. One local resident recounted, "An earthquake-like shock occurred around 9:30 this morning. It felt like an earthquake. I came out and saw bricks and debris all over the road." The incident highlights the risks associated with demolition activities in densely populated urban areas, raising concerns about safety protocols and oversight. Authorities are expected to investigate the matter to ascertain culpability and prevent similar mishaps in the future.


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