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No paper leak in civil service prelim exams: JPSC

  • Reports from DCs across Jharkhand affirm no paper leak in the JPSC Combined Civil Service Preliminary Exam 2023
  • JPSC Chairperson Dr. Neelima Karketta says "rumours were spread in this regard"
  • The video tape of the procedure is yet to arrive at the JPSC office

19 Mar 2024

Deputy commissioners (DCs) from various districts across the state have submitted reports confirming the absence of any paper leak in the Jharkhand Public Service Commission’s (JPSC) Combined Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2023, which took place on Sunday. The examinations, covering the 11th, 12th, and 13th civil services, were conducted across 834 centres in the state to fill 342 vacancies.

Amidst the examinations, reports of question paper leaks and irregularities in three districts surfaced in the media. However, JPSC Chairperson Dr. Neelima Karketta stated, "Though the commission has to go through the entire report, prima facie all DCs have rejected the report regarding question paper leaks and hinted that rumours were spread in this regard."

She added that the seals of packet containing question papers were broken in the presence of static magistrate and the centre superintendent based on the standard operating procedures. The videography of the procedure is arriving at the JPSC office. 

The statement from JPSC officials follows allegations by some students at a centre in Chatra, claiming that question paper packets were unsealed upon arrival in their classrooms. Officials further clarified that had there been a paper leak, it would likely have been discovered before the examination, not after the initial session.

Regarding alleged misdeeds at an exam centre in Jamtara, JPSC officials noted that the video evidence has not yet been verified.


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