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Noida woman beaten by husband, in-laws over fortuner demand

  • Woman in Greater Noida beaten to death by husband and in-laws over dowry demands
  • Family failed to meet demands of new Toyota Fortuner car and Rs 21 lakh cash
  • Despite previous payments and attempts to resolve disputes, abuse continued, culminating in the fatal assault

02 Apr 2024

In a tragic incident in Greater Noida, a woman was fatally beaten by her husband and in-laws after her family failed to meet their dowry demands, including a new Toyota Fortuner car and Rs 21 lakh in cash. The victim's brother, Deepak, filed a complaint alleging that his sister, Karishma, was subjected to physical and mental abuse by her husband, Vikas, and his family, culminating in her tragic death. Karishma and Vikas were married in December 2022, and despite her family providing gold worth Rs 11 lakh and an SUV at the time of the wedding, the demands for dowry persisted, leading to continued abuse.

Deepak recounted that despite efforts to resolve the disputes through panchayat meetings, the mistreatment continued, exacerbated after Karishma gave birth to a girl. Despite further payments totaling Rs 10 lakh, Vikas's family allegedly escalated their demands, ultimately leading to the fatal assault on Karishma. The tragic incident underscores the persistent issue of dowry-related violence in Indian society, prompting calls for stricter enforcement of laws against dowry harassment and enhanced awareness campaigns to prevent such tragedies.


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