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Pappu Yadav to contest Purnia seat with Congress symbol

  • Pappu Yadav announces candidacy for Purnia Lok Sabha seat with Congress symbol exclusively
  • Emphasis on national interests and formation of a broad 'India' alliance to challenge the current government
  • Yadav's commitment to Congress emblem amidst discord within the grand alliance

29 Mar 2024

The ongoing discord within the grand alliance concerning the Purnia Lok Sabha seat sees a significant development as Congress leader Pappu Yadav announces his decision to contest from Purnia using the Congress symbol exclusively. Pappu Yadav's declaration, made on Friday, underscores his commitment to the party's emblem and his dedication to serving the public's interests. Asserting the primacy of national interests over partisan concerns, Yadav emphasized the formation of a broad 'India' alliance aimed at displacing the current government led by Narendra Modi.

Despite facing challenges within the alliance, particularly with D. Raja's wife contesting against him, Pappu Yadav maintains confidence in the 'India' alliance's strength. Yadav's loyalty to the grand alliance in Bihar is unwavering, as he reiterates his alignment with the central leadership's decision to uphold unity. Expressing solidarity with the aspirations of the people, Yadav pledges to work towards the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister and vows to bolster Congress's presence in Seemanchal. Amidst the contestation over the Purnia seat within the grand alliance, Pappu Yadav's insistence on representing Congress in the upcoming elections adds another layer of complexity to the electoral landscape.


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