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Security officials criticized for kicking dog at IPL 2024 match | Watch video

  • Security officials chase and kick dog during IPL match at Narendra Modi Stadium
  • Video of the incident goes viral on social media, sparking outrage
  • Netizens call for stricter laws against animal cruelty in response to the incident


26 Mar 2024

Amidst the IPL 2024 match between the Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians at the Narendra Modi Stadium, security officials sparked outrage after a video surfaced on social media showing them chasing and kicking a dog outside the field.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from netizens, who criticized the officials for their treatment of the animal and demanded stricter laws against animal cruelty.

In the viral video, security personnel can be seen chasing the dog and then kicking it, prompting strong reactions from viewers online. The incident has reignited discussions about the need for better animal welfare policies and stricter enforcement to prevent such acts of cruelty, particularly in public spaces during high-profile events like IPL matches.

Shocking scenes during the IPL match as a dog was kicked and chased relentlessly. This incident sheds light on the ease of animal abuse without repercussion. It's disheartening to see people laughing and sharing such videos with emojis. Let's cultivate more compassion towards…

— Vidit Sharma ???????? (@TheViditsharma) March 25, 2024


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