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UP woman allegedly seeks divorce over kurkure dispute with husband

  • Uttar Pradesh woman demands divorce after husband forgets to buy Kurkure
  • Wife reportedly suffering from addiction to the desi snack, leading to marital disputes
  • Local authorities refer couple for counseling in "Kurkure Divorce" matter

14 May 2024

A woman in Uttar Pradesh reportedly demanded a divorce after her husband failed to bring home a packet of Kurkure, a snack costing just Rs 5.

The woman's addiction to Kurkure allegedly sparked conflicts in their marriage, prompting her to leave her husband's home and seek refuge at her maternal residence after he forgot to purchase the snack one day. Subsequently, she approached local authorities, expressing her desire for a divorce over the snack-related issue. The couple was then referred for counseling by the Shahganj police in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, in an attempt to resolve the dispute.


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