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Water crisis prompts protest, traffic jam in central Howrah

  • Water scarcity prompts protest and road blockade in Central Howrah
  • Residents express grievances over poor water quality and scarcity, leading to traffic jams
  • Former councilor Shyamal Mitra acknowledges residents' complaints, promises municipal action

02 Apr 2024

Local residents of the Howrah Corporation area, particularly women, staged a protest on Tuesday morning by blocking roads near the Kali Kundu Lane Petrol Pump on Netaji Subhash Road in Central Howrah, highlighting the persistent water scarcity issue as summer begins. Complaints from residents emphasize not only the scarcity of water but also the poor quality, with reports of insects found in the limited water available, making it unfit for consumption. Former councilor and member of the Mayor's Council, Shyamal Mitra, acknowledged the validity of residents' grievances, promising immediate action from the municipality to address the crisis. Despite assurances from municipal officials, the blockade caused significant traffic disruptions during peak morning office hours.

The water crisis in the area has triggered public outrage, with residents demanding swift resolution from local authorities. Shyamal Mitra's presence at the protest site underscored the seriousness of the situation, prompting municipal technicians to expedite efforts to alleviate the water shortage. While the blockade was eventually lifted upon assurances from municipal officials, the incident underscores the pressing need for sustainable solutions to address water scarcity issues in the region, particularly as the summer intensifies.


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