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Women's head wrapped in plastic found in Kidderpore

  • Mutilated body of a woman discovered in Watganj's Satya Doctor Road area
  • Severed head and hands, along with other body parts, found wrapped in plastic bags
  • Authorities suspect the body was dismembered to destroy evidence; investigation underway

02 Apr 2024

In a chilling discovery, the mutilated body of a woman was found in Watganj's Satya Doctor Road area, sending shockwaves through the locality. Local residents stumbled upon three abandoned black plastic bags on Tuesday afternoon, which upon investigation were found to contain severed body parts, including a head and hands, wrapped in plastic.

The complete body has not yet been located, intensifying the mystery surrounding the incident. DC Port and local authorities swiftly responded to the scene upon receiving the news, initiating an investigation into the gruesome discovery.

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