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Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh to lead discussions on new Lok Sabha speaker

  • The BJP and allies are holding a meeting to choose the new Lok Sabha Speaker
  • The BJP emerged as the largest party in the recent elections but lacks an absolute majority
  • Senior leaders like Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh will participate in the crucial meeting

18 Jun 2024
Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh to lead discussions on new Lok Sabha speaker

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies are preparing for a significant meeting to decide who will be the next Lok Sabha Speaker. This comes in the wake of the recent Lok Sabha elections, where the BJP emerged as the largest party but did not secure an absolute majority. Key figures such as Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh are expected to attend. The decision on the new Speaker is crucial for the smooth functioning of the upcoming parliamentary sessions.

The role of the Lok Sabha Speaker is vital as they preside over the lower house of Parliament, ensuring order during debates and making decisions on procedural matters. This position becomes even more significant in a hung parliament, where maintaining decorum and facilitating effective discussions between various parties is essential.

As the BJP and its allies deliberate on their choice, they aim to select someone who can command respect across party lines and manage the house efficiently. The meeting will also serve as an opportunity for the BJP to consolidate its strategy for the parliamentary term, particularly given the diverse composition of the newly elected MPs.

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