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Badshah apologizes after a forced halt at Dallas concert

  • Badshah's Dallas concert halted midway due to a promoter and production company dispute
  • Rapper apologizes on social media, criticizing promoter's lack of preparedness
  • Badshah promises to return with a better and bolder performance

15 Jun 2024
Badshah apologizes after a forced halt at Dallas concert

Rapper Badshah apologized to his fans after being forced to stop his concert in Dallas, United States, midway due to a dispute between local promoters and the production company.

On Saturday, June 15, Badshah expressed his disappointment on social media. "Dallas, I'm literally so heartbroken and bummed about what happened today. You guys are incredible and deserve better," he said. "I was really looking forward to performing in your city but due to a discrepancy between the local promoters and the production company I was forced to cut short the set and stop the show midway."

Badshah criticized the promoters for their lack of preparedness, emphasizing the effort it takes to organize a large-scale tour. "Promoters need to be better equipped, especially for large format shows and this kind of nonchalance is just unacceptable to most performing artists," he stated. "It takes a considerable amount of energy and effort to put together a tour of this scale."

Concluding his statement, Badshah promised to return with an improved performance. "I promise to return, and it's going to be bigger, better, and bolder. Thanks for always being there and having my back. Love you all - Badshah."

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