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Calcutta high court questions Raj Bhavan incident amid police withdrawal order

  • Governor orders Kolkata Police to vacate Raj Bhavan, citing safety concerns and controversy
  • Calcutta High Court questions denial of meeting permission to election violence victims
  • CV Anand Bose expresses dismay over alleged obstruction of democratic rights

17 Jun 2024
Calcutta high court questions Raj Bhavan incident amid police withdrawal order

West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose has issued an order for Kolkata Police personnel stationed at Raj Bhavan to vacate the premises immediately. This directive follows recent tensions and allegations surrounding the prevention of election violence victims from meeting the governor by Raj Bhavan police.

Reports suggest Governor Bose intends to convert the police post near the North Gate of Raj Bhavan into a public platform. However, the decision to remove police is also linked to accusations that they have not adhered to the governor's instructions and have made him feel unsafe.

The controversy escalated after a petition was filed in the Calcutta High Court by Suvendu Adhikari and another individual, seeking permission to meet the governor and address election violence grievances. The High Court subsequently questioned the legality of preventing them from meeting the governor, even asking if the governor was under unofficial confinement.

Governor Bose expressed surprise during a recent press conference, stating that despite granting written permission for the meeting, these individuals were obstructed from exercising their democratic rights. The developments underscore ongoing tensions between the state government and the governor's office.

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