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Car drowns at Nimtala ghat, teenager rescued by locals

  • Car parked at Nimtala Ghat rolled into the Ganga River with a teenager inside
  • Locals swiftly rescued the teenager from the sinking vehicle
  • Kolkata Police coordinated the retrieval of the car from the river

16 Jun 2024
Car drowns at Nimtala ghat, teenager rescued by locals

On Sunday morning, a family visiting the Bhootnath temple parked their car at Nimtala Ghat before proceeding to worship. According to locals, the parked car unexpectedly rolled into the water, causing panic among nearby residents. A teenager was reportedly inside the vehicle at the time.

As the car moved towards the Ganga Ghat, the situation became alarming. Prompt action from the locals led to the teenager being safely rescued from the car. One witness stated, "There was immediate panic, but we acted quickly to save the child."

The car eventually sank into the Ganga's waters. The incident drew the attention of Kolkata Police officers on duty. With their coordination, the vehicle was later retrieved from the river using a JCB machine.

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