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ED arrests Jharkhand minister Alamgir Alam in ₹35 crore cash recovery case

  • Jharkhand minister Alamgir Alam arrested by ED in money laundering case following ₹35 crore recovery
  • Arrest follows extensive interrogation; investigation centers on alleged rural development department irregularities
  • Recovery operation targets personal secretary's residence; names of senior officials emerge in connection with probe

15 May 2024
ED arrests Jharkhand minister Alamgir Alam in ₹35 crore cash recovery case

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) arrested Jharkhand minister Alamgir Alam in connection with a money laundering case, following the recent recovery of ₹35 crore from the residence of his personal secretary's domestic help. Alam's arrest came after extensive questioning by the central agency, during which he was interrogated for about 10 hours. The investigation, under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), focuses on alleged irregularities within the state's rural development department, prompting the summoning of Alam to the ED's zonal office in Ranchi.

The ED's probe intensified following the seizure of ₹35.23 crore from Sanjeev Lal, Alam's personal secretary, and his domestic help Jahangir Alam, leading to their subsequent arrests. The recovery operation, which involved seven teams of the agency, primarily targeted the residence of Jahangir Alam near Ranchi hill. As the investigation unfolds, names of "senior bureaucrats and politicians" have surfaced in connection with the case, as confirmed by PTI reports. Amidst ongoing elections, the ED's actions underscore the gravity of the allegations and the widening scope of the probe into corruption allegations.

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