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Farida Jalal on Losing Touch with Shah Rukh Khan, 'His Secretary is Not Kind'

  • Farida Jalal opens up about losing touch with Shah Rukh Khan, attributing it to his secretary's unkind behavior
  • The veteran actress recalls the strong bond and memorable moments shared with Khan during their collaborations
  • Jalal's experience highlights the impact of intermediaries in the film industry, creating barriers between long-time colleagues and friends

10 Jun 2024
Farida Jalal on Losing Touch with Shah Rukh Khan, 'His Secretary is Not Kind'

Veteran actress Farida Jalal has opened up about her experience of losing touch with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, attributing the disconnect to the unkind behavior of his secretary. In a recent interview, Jalal expressed her disappointment over the lack of communication with Khan, with whom she has shared the screen in several iconic films.

Reflecting on their past camaraderie and the strong bond they once shared, Jalal revealed that she now finds it challenging to reach Khan. "His secretary is not kind," she remarked, indicating that the gatekeeping by Khan's personal staff has hindered her attempts to stay in contact with the actor.

Despite the current distance, Jalal fondly recalled their working relationship and the memorable moments they spent together on film sets. She emphasized the warm rapport they shared, both on and off-screen, which makes the current disconnect all the more disheartening.

Jalal's candid revelation sheds light on the often unseen dynamics within the film industry, where the involvement of intermediaries can sometimes create barriers between long-time colleagues and friends.

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