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'How's the josh, it's still high sir': Smriti Irani on Amethi defeat

  • Smriti Irani loses Amethi seat to Congress' KL Sharma 
  • After defeat, posts on social media saying, 'the josh is still high'
  • KL Sharma defeated Irani by 1.67 lakh votes

04 Jun 2024
'How's the josh, it's still high sir': Smriti Irani on Amethi defeat

Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Uttar Pradesh's Amethi Smriti Irani, after losing the seat to Congress leader Kishori Lal Sharma, on Tuesday said in a post on X that she was grateful for those who stood with her. 

Adding that she specnt a decade of her life in Amethi she wrote, “Such is life... A decade of my life going from one village to another, building lives, nurturing hope & aspirations, working on infrastructure ― roads, naali, khadanja, bypass, medical college and more.” 

She further added, “To those who stood by me through loss and victory, I am forever grateful. To those celebrating today, congratulations. And to those asking, 'How's the josh?' I say- it’s still high, Sir.”

Sharma achieved a major victory by defeating Irani by over 1.67 lakh votes in Amethi, a stronghold of the Nehru-Gandhi family in Uttar Pradesh. According to the Election Commission, Irani received 3,72,032 votes, while Sharma got 5,39,228 votes. The BSP candidate received 34,534 votes.

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