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IMD predicts monsoon onset in South Bengal by weekend

  • Monsoon is expected in South Bengal within 4 days
  • Initial rains are likely to be light to moderate
  • Heavy rainfall is anticipated later in the season​

18 Jun 2024
IMD predicts monsoon onset in South Bengal by weekend

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted the arrival of the monsoon in South Bengal within the next four days. This much-anticipated change is expected to bring relief from the prevailing heat and humidity in the region. According to the IMD, the monsoon's progress is on track, with a likely onset over South Bengal by the end of the week.

Meteorologists have noted that while the monsoon's arrival will not immediately bring heavy rainfall, light to moderate showers are expected initially. The full effect of the monsoon rains, including heavier downpours, will be felt gradually as the monsoon season progresses. This early phase of the monsoon will help cool down the high temperatures that have characterized June so far.

Despite the imminent rains, experts advise that residents should still be prepared for hot and humid conditions on days when it does not rain. The peak monsoon months of July and August will bring more significant rainfall, providing further respite from the heat.

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