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Lucknow man arrested for urinating on sleeping labourer

  • Police arrest Sanjay Maurya for urinating on a labourer's face in Lucknow
  • Incident filmed and shared, sparking widespread social media outrage
  • Both men were intoxicated; incident occurred in Dubagga police station limits

03 Jun 2024
Lucknow man arrested for urinating on sleeping labourer

A disturbing incident in Lucknow has gone viral, showing a man urinating on a sleeping labourer's face. The accused, Sanjay Maurya, allegedly committed the act to wake up the labourer, Rajkumar Rawat, after he fell asleep post-lunch. The shocking visuals quickly spread on social media, causing widespread outrage. Rajkumar's wife lodged a complaint, leading to Maurya's swift arrest by the police. The incident occurred in the Chandia Kheda area within the Dubagga police station limits on June 2, 2024.

Both Rawat and Maurya, who worked as labourers in a brick kiln, were reportedly intoxicated at the time. DCP of Lucknow West Zone stated that the duo had consumed liquor and slept at the spot before the incident. Maurya, in a fit of anger, urinated on Rawat's face and recorded the act, sharing the video with others. This incident follows a similar one last year in Madhya Pradesh, where BJP leader Pravesh Shukla urinated on a tribal youth, leading to public outrage and an apology from the then Chief Minister.

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