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PM Modi calls for high-level meet as 40 Indians die in Kuwait fire

  • 41 workers dead in a massive fire in a residential building in Kuwait
  • Rapid spread of the fire made escape difficult, leading to a high fatality rate
  • Investigation underway to determine the cause and assess safety protocols

12 Jun 2024
PM Modi calls for high-level meet as 40 Indians die in Kuwait fire

A devastating fire in Kuwait has claimed the lives of 41 workers housed in a building. The blaze broke out in a structure housing migrant laborers, quickly spreading and making escape difficult for many residents. Emergency services were dispatched immediately, but the fire's intensity resulted in a high fatality rate and numerous injuries.

The fire reportedly started in the early hours and rapidly engulfed the building, trapping many of the workers inside. Firefighters faced significant challenges due to the building's layout and the quick spread of flames. Rescue operations continued for several hours as teams worked to control the fire and save as many lives as possible. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but initial reports suggest that inadequate safety measures may have contributed to the tragedy.

In addition to the 41 confirmed dead, several others have been hospitalized with injuries. Authorities have expressed condolences to the families of the victims and have promised a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause and prevent future incidents.

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