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President Biden guided back by Meloni during G7 photo session

  • Biden wandered off during a G7 summit photo session
  • Italian PM Meloni intervened to guide him back
  • The incident fueled online debate about Biden's attentiveness and behavior

14 Jun 2024
President Biden guided back by Meloni during G7 photo session

During the recent G7 summit held in Italy, a moment involving US President Joe Biden caught significant attention. While world leaders were preparing for a group photo, President Biden seemed to momentarily wander away from the designated area. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni noticed his movement and quickly intervened, guiding him back to his position with the other leaders. This incident was captured on video and rapidly went viral, sparking widespread discussion and concern about President Biden's attentiveness during such high-profile events.

The White House responded to the incident, clarifying that President Biden had walked over to congratulate a parachutist who had just landed nearby, rather than wandering aimlessly. Despite this explanation, the video footage continued to fuel debate online. Many viewers interpreted the incident as a lapse in focus on Biden's part, with some critics arguing that it reflected broader issues with his attentiveness during public engagements.

This was not the only moment from the summit that drew attention. Another interaction between President Biden and Prime Minister Meloni also became a talking point. At one point, Biden mistakenly saluted Meloni in an awkward manner, further contributing to the scrutiny of his behavior during the event.

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