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Public protests force early opening of Sealdah platforms 1-5

  • Train services resumed early at Sealdah station from platforms 1 to 5 on Sunday
  • Angry passengers protested ongoing issues, leading to broken glass and injuries at the check-in center
  • Platforms were closed for expansion work since June, causing significant disruption to train schedules

09 Jun 2024
Public protests force early opening of Sealdah platforms 1-5

After an extended period, train services have resumed from platforms 1 to 5 at Sealdah station on Sunday, aiming to alleviate passenger issues. Although it was announced that services would start at 2 pm, the railway management began operations at 12 noon. Despite the early start, the situation at Sealdah station was chaotic as angry passengers protested the ongoing problems. During the protests, the glass outside the check-in center was broken, injuring some employees.

Since the beginning of June, platforms 1 to 5 had been closed for expansion work to accommodate 12-coach trains on the Sealdah Main and North sections. This closure, along with power block decisions, led to many trains stopping at Dum Dum or being canceled, causing significant inconvenience to passengers. The resumption of services is expected to take time to normalize completely, and ongoing work on signaling, including route relay and electronic interlocking, may continue to cause issues. Railway officials have assured that efforts are underway to minimize the disruptions.

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