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Swine flu and leptospirosis alert in Rajasthan: Health officials concerned

  • Swine flu cases rise in Rajasthan: 17 in Jaipur, 21 in Sriganganagar
  • Leptospirosis affects 10 districts with 32 reported cases
  • Health officials stress home treatment for mild swine flu cases and urge preventive measures

04 May 2024
Swine flu and leptospirosis alert in Rajasthan: Health officials concerned

Rajasthan is on high alert as cases of swine flu and leptospirosis surge in the state, with 17 active cases of swine flu reported in Jaipur and 21 in Sriganganagar, along with 32 cases of leptospirosis across 10 districts. The rising temperatures have exacerbated the situation, prompting an urgent meeting among health department officials in Jaipur to address the growing concern.

Health department officials reassured the public that the reported swine flu cases in Jaipur and Sriganganagar are mild, requiring home treatment rather than hospitalization. Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Director of Rajasthan Health Department, emphasized the importance of preventive measures, urging sensitive groups to wear masks and avoid unnecessary travel. Meanwhile, explaining the transmission of leptospirosis, Dr. Mathur highlighted the role of rat urine and emphasized the need for cleanliness to prevent further spread, urging people to remain vigilant.

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