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Traffic home guard dies after being hit by bus in Howrah

  • Traffic home guard Sachin Razzaq was killed by a bus while on duty at Santragachhi stationSantragachhi station
  • The bus driver was arrested, and the bus was taken into police custody after the incident
  • Reckless driving and improper parking are common issues in the area, leading to frequent accidents

17 Jun 2024
Traffic home guard dies after being hit by bus in Howrah

On Sunday night when on-duty traffic home guard Sachin Razzaq was fatally hit by a bus while managing traffic in front of Santragachhi station. Razzaq was severely injured and taken to a private hospital in Howrah, where doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

Following the accident, an agitated crowd vandalized the bus involved in the incident. The police quickly responded by arresting the bus driver and taking the vehicle into custody.

Eyewitnesses reported that reckless driving and improper parking of buses across the road are common in this area, often leading to accidents.

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