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Uttar Pradesh 2024 election results: BJP trails in 23 seats won in 2019

  • BJP trails in 23 seats it won in 2019 Uttar Pradesh elections
  • Samajwadi Party emerges as a key challenger to BJP in the state
  • Alliance dynamics reshape Uttar Pradesh political landscape ahead of Lok Sabha polls

04 Jun 2024
Uttar Pradesh 2024 election results: BJP trails in 23 seats won in 2019

In a surprising turn of events, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) faces significant setbacks in Uttar Pradesh as it trails in 23 seats it won during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Despite its historical dominance in the state, the BJP's bid for a third consecutive term at the Centre is met with formidable challenges from the Samajwadi Party, a key player in the INDIA bloc. Notable losses include Union Minister Smriti Irani from Amethi, Union Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra from Kheri, and Maneka Gandhi from Sultanpur.

Ahead of the 2024 polls, the BJP formed an alliance with the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), allocating specific seats under a strategic seat-sharing plan. However, the RLD is making significant gains, with its candidate Rajkumar Sangwan leading in Baghpat, a seat previously won by the BJP. The election dynamics have shifted, with the Samajwadi Party, BSP, and Congress witnessing varying degrees of success, marking a departure from the BJP's dominant performance in previous elections.

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