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"Yeh Jeet Hai Sanatan Ki": Kangana Ranaut celebrates Mandi win

  • Kangana Ranaut wins Lok Sabha seat from Mandi as BJP candidate
  • Ranaut expressed gratitude and emphasized the victory of Sanatan and support for Mod
  • Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut made her political debut in 2024 elections

04 Jun 2024

Bollywood actress turned politician, Kangana Ranaut, has won her first Lok Sabha election as the BJP candidate from Himachal Pradesh's Mandi in the 2024 elections. Ranaut, known for her National Film Award-winning performances, made her political debut in this election. Following her victory, she expressed her gratitude and sentiments through a heartfelt note on Instagram, where she thanked the people of Mandi for their support and trust.

In her Instagram post, Ranaut highlighted the broader significance of her win, attributing it to the support for Prime Minister Modi and the BJP. She wrote in Hindi, "Heartfelt gratitude to all the people of Mandi for this love and trust.This victory belongs to all of you, this is the victory of trusting Prime Minister Modi and BJP, this is the victory of Sanatan, this is the victory of honouring Mandi." Ranaut's entry into politics and her subsequent win mark a significant milestone in her career.

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