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ED provisionally attaches Rs 67.23 crore assets in Met Technologies fraud case

  • ED provisionally attaches Rs 67.23 Crore assets linked to Kunal Gupta in the Met Technologies fraud case
  • Met Technologies Pvt Ltd implicated in a fake call centre operation defrauding international victims
  • Kunal Gupta, identified as the mastermind, involved in illegal betting and online gambling activities

10 Nov 2023

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has taken action under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002, attaching movable and immovable assets totaling Rs 67.23 Crore linked to Kunal Gupta, his family, associated companies, and collaborators in the case involving a fake call centre fraud by M/s Met Technologies Pvt Ltd. The attached assets, valued at Rs 61.84 Crore, include balances in 35 bank accounts, 14 cars, and 12 properties, comprising a resort and a villa in Goa, along with commercial offices, flats, and lands in Kolkata and Bangalore.

The ED's actions follow an investigation initiated based on a Bidhannagar Police FIR, revealing serious offenses such as cheating, forgery, and criminal conspiracy by Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd in connection with an illicit call centre operation in Salt Lake, Kolkata.The ED's inquiry exposed the illegal call centre's fraudulent activities targeting residents in the USA, UK, and Australia, operated by Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The scheme involved deceptive tech support offers, sham website sales, and fake loan offers through counterfeit mobile apps, resulting in a total of Rs 126 Crore in illicit proceeds. Kunal Gupta, identified as the mastermind behind the operation, was arrested on 10/09/2023.

The investigation further revealed Gupta's involvement in illegal betting and online gambling. The laundered money, originating from the fraudulent activities, was intricately introduced, layered, and finally legitimized through a network of companies owned and controlled by Gupta, his family, employees, and himself. The funds were subsequently projected as untainted through investments in the hospitality sector, including hotels, clubs, and cafes. The ED's actions, including search operations at Gupta's residential and commercial premises, are part of an ongoing investigation into the intricate web of financial wrongdoing associated with the case.


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